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CTX2 Registations over 7,000!

CTX2 Registations over 7,000!

CTX2's participant registrations have crossed the 7,000 mark!  Over 150 units have already added Circle Ten Council's BIGGEST EVENT to their calendar.  That's right, these 150 + units know they don't want to miss the Circle Ten Xperience 2018, November 9 - 11, at Texas Motor Speedway.  You won't want to either!

CTX2 will host a huge variety of fun activities, games, exhibits, demonstrations and LIVE entertainment for Scouts and Scouters of all ages.  EVERYONE in Circle Ten Council is invited ... and their family!  Campsites are being assigned, closest in to the Program Area, based on the date of your unit registration.   Your feet will do a bit less walking the sooner you register.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Register your unit NOW via this link:  CampMaster and enter 2018 CTX into the search box.  All it takes to secure your campsite for this event is a $50 deposit and an estimated headcount.  Final counts and full payment are due in the fall. 


Please email CircleTenXperience2018@gmail.com.  We are happy to give you any information you need if you're "on the fence" about attending.

Don't forget about the limited edition patch! It could be yours!